The 24×7 direct Advantage

100% Onshore
We’re proudly Australian owned & operated and based in Melbourne’s CBD.

Performance-based Billing
We work on a 100% commissions-based fee model, so our success is directly aligned with yours.

Genuine Qualified Leads
All of our calls are monitored and our Quality Control team won’t approve a lead until we’ve confirmed a genuine intent to buy.

Quality Assurance
We record every one of our calls, from ‘hi’ to ‘bye’. Our Quality Assurance Team then assesses calls for compliance and productivity, so you can be confident that every call we place is achieving the best possible outcome.

State-of-the-art Technology
Predictive dialling minimises downtime between calls while remote monitoring means you can listen to live calls we’re making on your behalf anywhere, anytime.

Contact info

ABN: 65 106 793 319
Level 4, 169 Swanston St,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Telephone: 03 9014 1414
FAX: 03 9988 0612

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