Getting Offshoring Right

getting offshoring right

Talk to us What is offshoring? Offshoring is the moving of business operations from one country (the home country) to another country (the foreign country). In other words, it is the migration of an operation of manufacturing or supporting nature such as human resources, customer service, content creation, design work, marketing, and accounting. These services […]

Why Offshore Staffing is a good strategy for your Business?

why offshore staffing is a good strategy

Talk to us Today, we live in a highly connected and virtually borderless world. Companies are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries. They can establish subsidiaries anywhere around the globe. Not only that, they can also transfer resources including machinery, technology, knowledge, and even humans. For quite a few years, businesses have started using outsourcing […]

What are Onshore and Offshore Teams ?

what are onshore and offshore teams

Talk to us Scaling while being effective and optimized is one of the toughest problems that almost every offshore teams faces. Let’s say you are a company owner who wants to introduce a new application, expand your firm, or finish a quality project but can’t find qualified employees. Then you would want to outsource the work. […]

7 Steps to Successful Outsourcing

steps to a successful outsourcing

Talk to us Gone are the days when business owners and managers established huge buildings and carried all business processes in-house. Since today, we believe in the philosophy of ‘customer is the king,’ business organizations are also on the lookout for doing quality work at an affordable rate. Thanks to globalization and the widespread use […]