4 Reasons Behind The Growing Popularity Of BPO Services

BPO services have grown in popularity in recent years. Most organisations have been using these services with an objective of saving money and streamlining their businesses. If you are wondering why the BPO services have gained immense popularity in such a quick time, here are the top 5 reasons behind the rise in its fame.

Handle Complex Business Process:

Without a doubt, the modern business scenario is highly competitive. Some of the tasks that a business has to complete to maintain its upshot are often complex. In that case, it will be a good decision to hire a BPO firm as it can complete the multifaceted job for you on a standard basis.

Benefit Businesses Financially:

Another reason for the growing popularity of BPO firm is that they provide financially advantageous services. Most of the overseas BPO companies have lower overheads to meet the minimum budget of their clients. So, hiring BPO companies in the philippines from overseas can help you get better returns on your investment.

Competent Talent Pool:

Today, companies have started realising that outsourcing their business processes is more than just a financial advantage. Yes, the BPO companies have a pool of competent, vast-talented employees with proficiency in understanding progressive technology. As they can enhance the business productivity efficiently, their popularity has been on the rise.

Efficient Handling Of A Huge Volume Of Work:

The ability to handle a large volume of work is what makes outsourcing companies more popular. If you own a large business with several departments, you may find it difficult to supervise and manage the workloads. The best part about hiring a business process outsourcing providers is that they will perform the work with maximum possible dexterities.

Now, you would have understood the secrets behind the growing popularity and the benefit of using BPO services. If you are looking for BPO services or BPO companies in the Philippines, look no further than 24×7 Direct. As our name suggests, we are available 24×7 and can answer you at any time of the day. For more information about our services, you can reach us at 03 9014 1414.

Meet, Connect & Grow your Business

Employees are a crucial part of any company whether they work part-time or full time, they play an important role in growing your business; If you believe that workforce is vital for your business, you would want to hire the right candidate to join your team. Outsourcing offshore staffing will be the best way to ensure this. By getting the work done from offshore staffing agencies, help you to manage work and cut extra expenses made. It also prevents you from relatively spending much time in managing them. Hiring up offshore staffing solutions from 24 X 7 Direct helps you overcome every hurdle in your business.

How Offshore Staffing Helps You?

Many businesses expect to see higher productivity levels with low-cost maintenance; It is possible with having the best offshore staffing company at your side. If you’re looking to hire an offshore staffing service, explore the benefits of having an offshore outsourcing service from reputed firms.

  • You can hire the best professionals in the industry without any hassle.
  • Saves your time
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Seamless functioning of your business
  • Staffing flexibility
  • Continuity and risk management
  • Cost & efficiency

Why Should You Choose 24×7 Direct For Your Business?

We are the leading provider of offshore staffing services for both professional and personal businesses at competitive rates. We provide top tier professionals including online marketing experts, back-office support, customer servicing, BPO and more. Our people work directly with sheer dedication to your business, saving costs and allowing you to scale your operation with ease.

Many businesses around the world hire offshore staffing Philippines with an aim for staffing flexibility and reduction in cost.

Offshore staffing companies in the Philippines are known for their exceptional work ethics and service-oriented culture which continuously raises the bar with corporate giants and surpass expectations. Their qualified teams with a strong customer-centric approach are easily adaptable to global demands.

As the leading company in staffing solutions, we fix all the complexities, that you face in hiring, and by gathering professionals from around the globe and share their talents to your business, we can help you soar high in your business.

Hiring the right candidate has never been easier these days. we, at 24×7 Direct, will hire professional talents who perfectly fit your scale, matches your job description and requirements.

Enhance your business with better quality candidates. Reach us on 03 9014 1414 to know more.

Transforming Businesses with Customer Service Outsourcing

Technology is in a meteoric rise with businesses strive to make a mark by competing with one another in the global market. In today’s global economy, outsourcing at a lower cost with a better ROI can be a satisfying option for many. Understanding this, many business owners believe their business can be successful with strong customer service who targets and delivers to their audience. This led to a steady rise in business process outsourcing companies and call centers across the globe, with a noteworthy clientele of best outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Comparatively, BPO companies in the Philippines are quite popular with its talented workforce, increased customer satisfaction, hike in revenue each year. Inline to earn credibility, many global marketers turn towards Philippines customer service outsourcing. Business owners realise the significant benefits of outsourcing their business with companies in the Philippines, which provides enhanced customer satisfaction and a stronger Return on Investment (ROI)

Be it inbound or outbound, Philippines is the world’s largest outsourcing destination, as many companies rely on its offshore business process outsourcing needs. Having an applauding revenue upsurge every year with qualified native language speakers, who minimise communication barriers, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Many organisations and businesses in Australia understand the value of focusing on their core competencies, they are moving towards offshore outsourcing services for best customer service retention.

As unique as the name, We, 24 x 7 direct is the forefront of telemarketing services with our customer-centric approach, providing best Inbound & outbound, and offshoring services to the Australian market.

We are one of the leading business process outsourcing providers with an extensive range of customers from diverse platforms around the globe who are leveraging the expertise of 24×7 Direct offshore business process outsourcing services to minimize costs without compromising the quality.

In this way, we streamline our client’s business processing services with desired results and provide cost-effective solutions to global organisations.

Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure where and why? Reach us on 03 9014 1414 for assistance.

Why BPO Services? Strategic Reasons Revealed!

Business process outsourcing is something that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. BPO companies in the Philippines can take care of the entire hiring process and there are several strategic reasons why using this service is such a good idea.

It Is A Wise Investment

It can be costly to advertise job vacancies and if it takes a while for you to find the right person, then these costs can soon start to mount up. Investing in using the services of a BPO may not be such a large expense as you were expecting. It can be one of the best investments that you will make in your business.

It Takes Pressure Off You 

Hiring new employees can be a very time-consuming process. It also distracts you from the other things that you need to be doing to keep your business running. When you use a BPO the whole of the recruitment process is taken care of which means you are free to focus on other things.

It Is Suitable for All Businesses 

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of BPO. This includes large companies that hire on a regular basis and small businesses that are just looking to put the right people in place. Outsourcing is not just about getting someone else to help you with your workload, it is also about making use of skills that you might not have.

It Can Provide Reassurance

When you run your own business, it can sometimes feel like a very lonely place. When you work closely with a BPO it can be like having another business partner working with you. They can’t help with all aspects of your business but sometimes it can help to just feel that you are not alone.

Your Customers Will Receive A Better Service

When you have the best employees in place you can ensure that your customers are getting a great service. This means it is more likely that they will continue to use your business in the future. When you use a BPO you can be confident that you are only getting the very best candidates for all the positions that you want to fill. You can hire 24×7 Direct which is a professional BPO Company in the Philippines which provides you the BPO services.

Reasons Culture is Important in Offshore Staffing

Offshoring basically refers to the process of acquiring and paying services overseas to take advantage of the lower overhead costs. The concept of offshore staffing is quickly becoming popular among businesses thanks to the many benefits it offers. Many companies prefer offshore staffing philippines because it is a cost-effective option compared to hiring staff within the country. Businesses can reduce their operational cost by investing in human capital from affordable geographies and still find top-notch talents. When companies adopt offshoring, they get to choose from a wide pool of talented offshore workers. In addition, offshore staffing affords companies flexibility especially when they need extra staff to deal with demanding jobs.

However, for your business to attract top talents from foreign geographies, it needs to have a good culture. In fact, what makes brands such as Google, Apple, and Android attract top talents worldwide is the outstanding culture which excels inside and outside their offices. The following are reasons why culture is becoming important in offshore staffing.

It helps a Company Attract the Best Employees

What makes a company attractive to employees is not just the salary and benefits they offer. Instead, it is a great culture that makes these companies attractive to potential employees. It is the wish of most professionals worldwide to work for companies with great working culture because it makes them satisfied with their job. If you want to attract top talents to your company, then it is vital that your company has a good working culture in place.

Prevents Staff Turnover

It is just as important to attract top talent as it is to retain your best employees. If you want your company to continue thriving, then it is important you know how to attract the best employees. Turnover can negatively impact your company’s ambition as it makes it difficult to meet project deadlines which can damage your company’s client relationship.

Great Work Environment

Very few people would want to work in a stressful work environment. A good work culture would make the work environment less stressful. This would make the work environment enjoyable which leads to improved productivity and innovation.

You can hire a professional company like 24×7 Direct Melbourne which meets all your Offshore Staffing Philippines needs!

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a BPO Service Provider

Every business has specific back-office tasks, ranging from managing accounts, payroll processing to data entry, etc. While these tasks may be considered secondary, they are crucial to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Some businesses spend significant time, resources and manpower to get these jobs done. Perfectly organised Business Process Outsourcing providers help organisations manage their back office tasks in an efficient manner. To make the right choice, here are a few important questions to ask a BPO service provider.

Are You Experienced?

Before hiring a BPO service provider, make sure they have adequate experience in your business sector. This can be understood by looking at the samples and details of projects that they worked on in the past.

Do They Have A Track Record?

A reliable BPO company is one that has an established track-record of valuable tools and resources to reduce your overall business operating cost and boost your profit margin. They should also have proven expertise in maintaining a long-term, strong relationship with their clients.

How Efficient Is Your Customer Support Service?

BPO services are focused on client satisfaction and must be available at all times. So, you should choose a BPO service provider who can offer round the clock technical support and customer service. It is also worthwhile to work with a company that provides both onshore and offshore customer service.

How Can You Help Growing My Business?

BPO service provider should be efficient to grow your business and improve productivity. Choose reputable best BPO companies as only they will have stringent quality control in place and can offer error-free results. Moreover, they will understand your business goals and use expert manpower to handle the process efficiently.

What Are The Safety Measures Available?    

While choosing a BPO service provider, top priority should be given to the safety measures adopted by them.  This is extremely crucial if you are outsourcing legal or medical tasks so that you can rest assured of the security and confidentiality of your data.

24×7 Direct is one of the leading BPO Companies in the Philippines and has been helping businesses struggling to manage backend tasks and provide customer support. If you are in need of someone who can handle any tasks that prevent you from focusing on your business, call us at 03 9014 1414.

Reasons to Hire A Customer Service Virtual Assistant

If you are running a successful e-commerce business and spending the vast majority of your time dealing with customer service problems, you may not be able to focus on your business. Hiring a virtual assistant may be your ticket to provide great customer service and the key to your success as a business owner.

Why Should You Hire A Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

If you are getting 50 orders per day, you may receive double the number of inquiries about the products, feedback, cancellation of orders and other issues. To keep your customers happy and satisfied, you must answer all their queries. The best thing you can do is to hire virtual employee from a customer service virtual assistant who can take on the responsibility of providing great customer support.

Tasks Handled By A Customer Service Virtual Assistant:

Keeping your current and prospective customers happy is a time-consuming job. A virtual assistant with great customer service skills can perform live chat, email back and forth and handle inbound and outbound calls. No matter what ways are available to your customers to reach out to you, a virtual assistant can manage them all.

Guiding Your Customers:

New customers may have questions about the product or the purchasing process. Most of them do not wait for a long time before moving on to another company. A virtual assistant can provide quick answers and make sure that you are not losing any potential sale.


After placing an order, customers would like to know where their products are and when they will receive it. A virtual assistant can track down orders as soon as your customer requests the information.

Dealing With Returns And Refunds:

If your customer is unhappy with your product and wants to return it, you must deal with returns and refunds in a prompt and professional manner. The customer is already unhappy with the purchase, and the only thing you can do to keep him happy is to complete the return and refund process as quickly as possible. A virtual assistant will speed up the process and prevent the situation where the unhappy customer leaves a bad review or spreads negative feedback.

So, if you would like to keep your business operation successful, consider utilising virtual staffing services provided by 24×7 Direct. Thinking of hiring a virtual staff for your business? Give us a call on 03 9014 1414.

Offshoring for Small Businesses

Organisations across Australia face a number of challenges as they seek to become more competitive and hold onto their market share. For example, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain staff, many of whom are simply looking for the next best opportunity. Overhead costs continue to grow, and this places an additional challenge on the owner or manager of the company, who has to look for ways to decrease expenditure while still maintaining proficiency. It’s little wonder that companies are desperately looking for alternatives, as they chase not just profitability, but relevance in their marketplace.

Under Pressure

If you find yourself in this position and are charged with the responsibility of growing your business under this type of pressure, you should consider every option and should certainly look at offshore staffing. This strategy has become very popular in recent years and an increasing number of businesses such as yours have to choose the offshore staffing agency in Philippines. What exactly is offshoring and why is the Philippines the perfect location for this service?

Offshoring Explained

Offshoring is a viable alternative to the traditional staffing process. It can help an organisation streamline and significantly decrease the costs associated with staffing while opening up a range of professional services to the client.

Ideal Setup

The general concept of virtual Assistant is not new and many organisations have been outsourcing their call centre operations to countries such as India for some years now. However, the Philippines has grown to become the country of choice for a variety of different offshoring staffing solutions, quite apart from call centre functionality.

Perfect Environment

Tens of thousands of people are employed in the offshoring industry in the Philippines, a string of islands located in Southeast Asia. The country provides the perfect environment for this type of operation as well and the Philippines is the ideal choice for your needs for a variety of different reasons.

Higher Education

To begin with, the educational system in the Philippines is very advanced and often mirrors Western society. Many people from the talent pool have a university education and the government sponsors a number of courses that are specifically targeted to help students gain crucial and relevant skills.

Technologically Astute

The Philippines has a young population and many of these youngsters are technologically astute. They understand how to use this technical knowledge as they provide business solutions for companies such as yours and they are ready to implement with little in the way of additional training.


English is the official language in the Philippines, which makes it easy to communicate with any outsourced staff. Consequently, language is never a barrier between client and worker and staff members are fully versed in any relevant tech “speak.”

Cost Reduction

Cost saving is one of the biggest advantages associated with offshoring to the Philippines. The price of labour is around half of that of Australia, as the cost of living in this Asian nation is remarkably low. Consequently, staff members are perfectly happy to work for the price offered and this can represent a huge saving for the business owner versus the cost of Australian talent.


Some people worry that they are taking advantage of “cheap labour” but nothing is further from the truth. Filipinos have full access to everyday amenities and enjoy a great quality-of-life. As they are happy with their daily work, they tend to stay within their family unit and close to their friends. They are perfectly happy and indeed honoured to do the work and are some of the most reliable people on the planet.


When you consider BPO Companies in the Philippines you can expect to receive high-quality work in return. Each worker is dedicated and fully understands that you have a choice when it comes to outsourced staff. In turn, they will go out of their way to provide you with efficiency and quality in order to continue their involvement.

Cultural Similarity

Unlike other Asian countries, the Philippines has a close affinity with Western culture due to its history and heritage. After all, the Philippines was a former colony of the US and Spain in the distant past and families today infuse many aspects of Western culture and media into their everyday life. This makes it a lot easier for Australian companies to work directly with Filipino staff members as they talk the same language in more ways than one.

Privacy and Security

You may be worried about data privacy or security as this is, of course, an ever-present threat. The Filipino government has stringent regulations in place to ensure that privacy standards are well up to international levels, to help protect any confidential data.

Lower Liability

As you may know, in-house staff members can sometimes present additional challenges to an employer. You may become the subject of a time-consuming and sometimes frivolous lawsuit and you may be open to other types of legal liability in this way. When you offshore your work instead, you’re working with independent contractors and as such, many of these issues disappear.

Leaner and More Flexible

When you offshore to the Philippines, you can reduce your in-house staffing costs and take advantage of service-based delivery instead. Your company will be much more flexible, and this will enable you to be more competitive in your marketplace. Furthermore, you will be able to expand more rapidly when needed by simply adding additional offshore services and this will help you to rise above your competitors.

In Summary

Remember, Filipinos are highly skilled, university educated and well trained. They understand how to perform and work to tight deadlines. Crucially, offshoring can help you to cut your costs significantly and worry less about staff member retention.

Your Partner

24×7 Direct is your perfect partner as you seek to outsource your work to the Philippines. Our staff in the Philippines can handle a variety of different tasks including general administration, offshore outsourcing & bookkeeping, executive assistance, inbound or outbound calls, travel booking and accounts. Let’s talk about how we can provide you with an offshoring solution to perfectly meet your needs.

Offshore Staffing – The Best Solution for Start-Up Business

Start-ups often wonder if they should hire an offshore staff to perform certain tasks or to keep them within the organization. As a business owner, it makes sense to make an informed decision. Every start up owner is pressurized from all directions and needs certain directives to help him/her decide to either use offshore staffing services or outsource their product development.

Different issues like budget, changing technology and pressure for improving processes leads to struggle for finding and maintaining capable staffing opportunities for a lot of companies. Talent plays a big role in taking a company from nothing to everything.

However, attracting top talent for a company is far from easy. To fulfill these unique strategic and administrative talent needs, offshore staffing solutions prove to be a great alternative. You can find the reason behind the importance of offshore staffing agencies for your better understanding of offshore staffing services and hire virtual employees in this article.


Outsourcing your staffing needs comes with a requirement of consistency in staff quality, rate and service delivery. It is no longer necessary to keep developers in the staff and pay them on a monthly basis further covering all social benefits too. Instead of this, you can hire a qualified employee, who operates remotely but adds value to your organization.

Geographical location is another aspect to be kept in mind as there are a majority of the chances that outsourced employees will be on the other side of the world. In this manner, your company will be open while the office is closed which provides you with consistency in the work.

The contractual relationship with the employees is an easier platform to replace or fire an employee rather than following the conventional method of human resource.

Outsourcing comes with the benefit of eliminating costs associated with management, recruitment, training, taxes and retirement plans of employees. These benefits aid you to focus on core competencies.


The decision of outsourcing your staffing needs company should be taken after understanding the market. You need to make sure that the skills required for your company are available with the company you are planning to become a partner with.

The offshore companies will be ensuring that all your recruitment requirements and management are fulfilled, to strive towards a higher success rate of productivity and integration for your company.

Outsourcing grants the opportunity of utilizing contract-based employees to the project managers and entrepreneurs rather than hiring full-time employees.


Some of the offshore staffing agency provides you with complete resources which are required for profitable recruitment. Factors that you should take into account before locating services are;

  • Infrastructure
  • Reliability
  • Telecommunication and Connectivity

Sometimes, there are chances when you may require more human resources for a project on a temporary ground or do not have the correct technical resources. A company needs to outsource when tackling with situations like this for maximum return. You only need to focus on the execution of the project rather than dealing with the recruitment process and finding the right technology.

Offshore staffing services by 24×7 Direct often stands to gain a competitive edge by acquiring a better quality of work under a low budget. Opting for outsourcing your staffing needs can prove to be the best solution by enhancing your returns on investment, maintaining a tap on technology, optimum utilization of resources and reducing expenditure.

Therefore, the next time you have staffing on your mind; do consider the 24×7 to get benefited in offshore staffing services.

Consider the Following Aspects Before Hiring Offshore Staffing Agency

Competition, investor pressure, lack of budget, lack of time, one-man army or one with limited team members – after working with several companies, we understand that their challenges are unique and different from each other.

If you find the right people for the project, they will have the passion and the drive and build you an outstanding product or render great services. While choosing a offshore staffing agency that can provide you top talent, you must get an attractive price, use latest tools and software, have technical expertise (in case you’re seeking developers), and have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s best and latest practices.

One of the most critical aspects, that business owners must consider, is the ability for the staff provider to scale up. If you can find the right partner with the right kind of people, they will readily make staff members available as your extended team if your business grows.

Before you decide if you need to hire an offshore team, consider the following aspects that will help you decide if you need offshore staffing solutions.

Required skill set

As a business owner, you must have already hired people from sales, operations, strategy, and industry related. To get more of your idea to launch, you need more people with other skills. If you try to hire people with experience, expertise, and skills, it will cost you more to pay. You need to identify all the skills for which you can engage a best offshore staffing agency to fulfil the requirement.

Business goals

When you build your business strategy, you must identify a few goals that are relevant and measurable. Set timelines against each of these goals; identify your requirements and the resources you have to satisfy it. So, you can find the best offshore staffing agency for other resources.


As you know, you are constantly faced with the challenge of where to spend your money. The concern of high ROI constantly bothers you. You need to be realistic here. Before outsourcing, take an account of how much are you willing to spend. See if you can outsource right away or if it’s something that you need to consider in the future.


If you are a start-up company, time is of the essence to your business requirements. If you are stripped off time, it’s time to consider offloading some tasks to a specialist. Let someone else take care of your operational duties while you can focus on your core capabilities.

Challenges faced

It will be helpful if you can identify your top pain areas and find out if an offshore staffing services team can help you in such areas. If you use offshore staffing agencies to hire experts, they will be able to resolve your challenges much faster. They will have new ideas, an open mind and an innovative approach to all kinds of challenges you face.

Start-ups usually have high attrition as it takes a long time for them to build the trust of employees. Offshore staffing can be particularly helpful in such a case since your project will never be at risk as a resource full offshore staffing agency like 24×7 Direct is always available for your business needs.

If you have made up your mind and wish to use our offshore staffing services, just dial 03 9014 1414, we are here to assist your needs.

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