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Getting Started



IT & Comms

Data Security

Hours & Leave

Payroll &Invoicing

Contracts & Cost

Performance Management

#1 Getting Started & Scope

• Let’s discuss your dream Virtual team
• We draft the Scope and PD’s for you
• You approve and we get started

#2 Recruitment

• We advertise, screen, interview and test over 2 weeks
• You receive live campaign updates
• 3 candidates are presented for final client interviews
• We are a no cost recruitment or replacement service

#3 Onboarding

• We support you with infrastructure, comms and workflow management
• Staff and Clients are inducted, onboarded and supported ongoing
• We can support you as much or little as you require

#4 IT & Communications

• Brand new Laptops with all required peripherals

• IT-Support Team available 24×7

• All required software and comms as needed

• Telephony and call recording available at no cost

#5 Data Security

• All staff machines are locked with remote access only through our IT Team
• All machines have remote monitoring software of key stroke and screen activity
• Client logins and passwords are protected through encryption software

#6 Hours & Leave

• We hire dedicated fulltime staff for each

• Staff work a 40-hour 5-day week and client hours

• Staff have sick leave and Annual leave entitlements

• Staff take your Public Holidays and work there own

#7 Payroll & Invoicing

• We manage and process payroll and all staff entitlements

• Staff work for 24×7 Direct and are provisioned to clients

• Clients are invoiced on a monthly basis a flat fee

#8 Contracts & Cost

• We Provide a no-lock in Staffing Agreement

• We ask for a 30-day notice period upon termination

• Clients are invoiced on a monthly basis on the 1st.

#9 Performance Management

• Staff outputs and performance are managed by you

• We support staff and clients to optimise performance

• We conduct reviews, coaching and training as and when required

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