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Today Asia is the epicentre of global economic growth due to offshoring staff agencies. Alongside the established economic giants like Japan, India, and the People’s Republic of China, other nations like South Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan are rapidly expanding.

Effective engagement with these nations means understanding how offshoring staff companies operate. Let’s review now the key elements your business needs to successfully outsource to Asia.

  1. Employing People That Are Bilingual

Around the region, there are over 2,1000 languages spoken in Asia. While many of these are regional dialects, the fact remains that any business seeking to grow their presence in Australia and wider Asia will do so most effectively with bilingual team members.

Though English may be the default language of business around the world, in Asia there remains a tremendous advantage when a business is bilingual. Given the Philippines has over 170 language spokes throughout its nation, it is an ideal destination to outsource language needs to.

  1. Employing People That Have Diverse Cultural Background from the Philippines

The power of language allows for easier navigation of cultural divides, and the ability to more easily network and build strong working relationships. But ultimately, this requires employees who know innately all the little nuances, traditions, and idiosyncrasies that make up a business culture and community.

Given its longstanding mix of Eastern and Western influence, the Philippines today is an epicentre in Asia for building bridges in business and hiring dedicated virtual assistants that enable a business to thrive locally and globally.

  1. Employing People in an Advantageous Time zone

Today’s global economy is fast becoming perpetual. Thanks to the digital era, there is the ability to communicate with someone on the other side of the world just as easily as someone on the other side of the office. Despite this, there is of course still the need to have people answer the phone and reply to urgent emails during business hours.

That’s why when it comes to outsourcing, it is crucial to ensure the offshoring staff you hire operate in a time zone that is advantageous to your one. This is why the Philippines has always been an excellent resource for hiring professionals.

With a time zone 3 hours behind AEDT, it’s easy for outsourced workers to operate at the same time as your Australian office hours, or even to take the reigns in the late afternoon and early evening to ensure your business remains contactable well beyond 5 pm or 6 pm.

This can deliver huge advantages not only in building business throughout the region but also in outpacing the customer service offerings of your competition here in Australia!


But Keep in Mind

The same cultural advantages can be a challenge. That’s why it’s always ideal to have a local. An anchor, an offshoring staff agency you can trust. Because while outsourced Filipino workers may share a language with Australians, there is, of course, different cultures and approaches to business between the two nations.

Australians are well-positioned to seize upon the advantages of this growth, and to build their business nationally and within the region. But doing so successfully requires real understanding and precision. Context can be all-important in business, and that’s why having Australians who can lead and oversee your remote worker team is vital.

Why Hiring Us Today Is Essential

Our team is proud to have a truly global reach with immense resources in the Philippines, and a local head office in Melbourne. As a trusted offshore staff provider in this space with years of experience serving Australian outsourced companieswe have the proven expertise and understanding to help make your Aussie business more agile and lean in 2019.

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