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  • Mortgage Broking – As a Mortgage Broker, your time is best spent if you’re in front of a client writing loans. Often Mortgage Brokers are doing various admin tasks that does not allow them to meet new clients. You could hire an admin staff member but that would cost about $60k per year. Hiring an admin staff with 24x7 Direct means you will have a dedicated admin staff member at half the cost. Not just that but you would have a dedicated staff member who would work on your clients, request missing documents and also submit applications with the lenders. They could also do any required research based on your instructions and training. Besides this, your Virtual Staff member would have enough time to perform other tasks such as managing your social media pages, bookkeeping, handling inbound calls and emails etc.
  • Financial Planning –It takes a lot to become a Financial Planner. The education, the ongoing upkeep of your education and the points you need to maintain every year to keep your accreditation. Now, after doing all this if you have to do admin work then its a big waste of your time and talent. Instead it might be worthwhile to hire a Virtual Staff member who can look after all the admin work such as preparing SoA’s, implementing policies, updating clients with the progress of their insurance policies, liaising with insurers and organising medical reports. Besides this your Virtual Staff member can look after a whole heap of admin work such as bookkeeping, handling calls, emails and web chats, managing social media pages, designing and sending newsletters etc. The list goes on. Anything that you do that is non-revenue generating can be done by a Virtual Staff member
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping – Nowadays with sophisticated accounting softwares you don’t necessarily need someone with an accounting degree to maintain the books. The basic grunt work can be done by a Virtual Staff member. Not just that we have several Virtual Staff that are qualified bookkeepers with the Australian accreditation that they can even reconcile books for you. A fair few of our clients have Accounts Receivables/Payable staff who manage these mundane tasks so onshore staff can do other value added work.
  • Real Estate – When we first started offering Virtual Staff to the Real Estate Industry our clients mainly used our service for the property management team. Our Property Managers would handle inbound calls and emails from tenants for any issues with their property. Once the issue was logged, our property managers would then communicate with the landlords, organise quotes, seek approvals from the landlords and coordinate with the tenants to have the issue fixed. They would also facilitate annual and monthly statements for landlords and chase up unpaid rent. But in the last few years we’ve realised that not just the property management team but also the Sales team has started using Virtual Staff. They use Virtual Staff to maintain a database for every property and interested buyers. Sales Agents capture of all visitors details at the time of “Open for Inspection”, then scan that paper and send it to their Virtual Staff. The team then data enters all details on a CRM which is then used for follow up.
  • Virtual Assistant – You can call it Executive Assistant or a Virtual Assistant. Basically this person does all the mundane routine tasks that need to be done to keep your business upto date. This person can manage your diary, handle calls, emails and web chats, manage your social media strategy, design and send newsletters, organise and maintain your customer database etc. The list is endless. Anything you do that is routine, mundane and non-revenue generating can be done by your VA so you can focus on growing your business.

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