What is Virtual Staffing?

Virtual Staffing

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Virtual staffing are just like any other staff except:

  1. They work remotely so you don’t need to provide office space or any equipment; and
  2. They are employed by someone else so you don’t have to worry about any HR management

Apart from that, they are like any other employee – they are recruited specifically to fill the role you need and work 100% of the time on the tasks and activities you allocate them during hours that align to your business operations.  Once onboarded, you train and manage them whilst day-to-day supervision and support are taken care of by the service provider.

Apart from convenience, virtual staffing are highly cost-effective.  Not only do you save on office overheads and employee administration costs, but when using an offshore service provider that operates in a country with a more competitive labour market, you also save significantly on salary costs. 24x7Direct’s Virtual Staff Centre is located in the Philippines where the cost of an employee is typically less than half the cost of an Australian employee with comparable qualifications and experience.

There is a wide range of roles that can be performed by virtual staff such as Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Bookkeepers, Accounts Clerks, Payroll Admin Staff, Customer Service Representatives, Para Planners, IT Support Staff, and Property Managers.  The cost of a full-time virtual assistant performing these types of roles is just $AUD2,500/month.  Skilled staff for more specialist roles can also be recruited at highly competitive rates.

If you would like to find out more about how virtual staffing could work for your business request an information pack or schedule a call to discuss.

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