The Philippines has become a major offshoring market owing to increased business expansion
and cost-effective labour solutions. It has also become a significant option to offshore to with
the most popular services including IT, digital marketing, and customer services. The Philippines
has become an increasingly popular choice for offshoring as businesses continue to expand. In
2015 in the BPO sector, an approximate 1.15 million employees were placed with research
indicating annual rises of up to 17%. The growth and the prowess of business in the Philippines
has made this country one of the top choices for offshoring.


Benefits of Offshoring to the Philippines
Over the last 20 years offshoring has become a sought-after professional service across the
globe. The Philippines is most favourable because of its incredible business expansion over the
last few years and the environment it provides for businesses to thrive. A look at the reasons to
offshore to the Philippines can help make effective business decisions.

Offshore Staffing

Manageable Costs

The Philippines has become a popular choice of country for offshoring because of its lower operational costs. Many of the professionals that are sourced from the Philippines, including high level degrees and educational certificates, offer the company expertise and skill without the costs that would be incurred in a Western country. For a start-up or a small business looking to expand and have professionals manage its daily operations, offshoring can provide financial relief and ease the burden of its daily processes. It is especially beneficial when the costs for offshoring can be afforded and better managed. This provides the business more time to focus on its core processes and ensure that it has the capital to reach its bottom line. It is important for any business to work towards reducing its operational and overhead costs. By offshoring specific services, your business can save on the expense of employee wages and benefits.

offshore staffing services

Reliance On Skilled And Educated Staff

The Philippines has been recognised as a country with the highest levels of skilled workforce and educated individuals. It has a high literacy rate and every year a multitude of men and women successfully graduate with recognized degrees. The talent and the skill possessed by many graduates have been considered diverse and flexible making it easier to find individuals to fit within an offshored service.


The Philippines is not only recognized for its education and favourable conditions but has also become a target for the advancement and introduction of new technologies. With the infrastructure available it becomes easier to obtain the necessary services that prove reliable and effective in delivering the professional solutions that are needed for offshoring.

How 24×7 Direct Can Help You
With 24×7 Direct you receive assistance by talented, educated and trained individuals offering a
high standard of offshored service solutions. Our focus is on providing efforts to meet your
bottom line while minimizing unnecessary expenses and time wastage. We ensure the necessary
steps are taken to provide your business with the support that it deserves.

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