How To Blend Your Offshore & Onshore Teams Efficiently?

onshore and offshore team

In this digital era, working with offshore teams has become a common thing for most businesses. Moreover, blending your onshore and offshore teams has great potential, and it results in incredible business growth. Perhaps, it is one of the important elements of outsourcing. As it has a great impact on your business growth, you mustn’t fail to integrate your offshore outsourcing team with your onshore team. This will result in miscommunication and work inefficiencies. To ensure that you’re integrating both these efficiently and effectively, you can follow these three steps.

Create A Training Plan

Once you have hired the offshore team for your business, make sure to prepare a training plan for them to know what is expected of them, and the tasks associated with the role. This sets the tone for organised and professional business and leads the newly recruited team for a successful venture. Also, explain your business goals to them and involve them in brainstorming sessions to use their skills in your business development. This would make them more inclined to the work, and you must not forget to engage them with your onshore work.

Identify Key Result Areas

After building virtual teams offshore, thoroughly analyse the tasks and responsibilities of each member of your offshore team and put KRA’s to know what is expected from them in terms of productivity. By identifying key result areas help your offshore team understand what is required of them so that they work accordingly.

Introduce The Offshore Team In To Your Business Culture

Before you plan to hire an offshore team, ensure that your onshore team is happy with the idea of having them. In this way, it would be easier for your team to identify your business culture. Then, you can make your onshore team responsible for training your offshore staff. This will be helpful for your onshore team as they understand the capabilities of the offshore team. You must have both teams interact with each other by setting video conferencing platform sessions often. So, both teams can connect easily to discuss any work issues and sort it out. This would, in turn, makes them familiar with the process and the team members, so your work process will move seamlessly.

Bottom Line

By following these steps, you can integrate your onshore and offshore teams efficiently and accelerate your business growth. If you want to add value to your business through offshore outsourcing services, give 24×7 Direct a call on 03 9014 1414.

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