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24×7 Direct is a Melbourne boutique call centre solutions provider delivering intelligent, intuitive and results-driven contact centre solutions for the Australian market. We’re experts in providing nimble and cost-effective direct marketing, sales and service campaigns that help our clients increase their reach and enhance and extend their customer lifecycle at every stage.

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Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre Services


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Our Culture

No robots here.

At 24×7 Direct, our people are our number one asset. We understand that our team becomes your frontline brand representatives, so we hand select every member of our team to ensure they’re skilled, articulate and genuinely motivated to achieve exceptional results.

Asharna Ryder

Asharna Ryder

Tele Agent: Insurance Sector
Jack Delaney

Jack Delaney

Tele Agent: Market Research
Kate Topacio

Kate Topacio

Office Administrator

Quality Assurance & Compliance

We’re always striving to find new and better ways to humanise the contact centre experience and deliver a clear, concise and compelling message to your ideal customer.

We record every call we place, and our dedicated in-house Quality Assurance team are constantly evaluating and assessing calls to ensure they’re not just compliant, but that our team is utilising every available opportunity to build relationships and create new connections. What’s more, our remote monitoring technology means our clients can listen live to calls we’re placing on their behalf, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The privacy, security and accuracy of the personal information we collect are of paramount importance to us at 24×7 direct. Our standards and practices are maintained in full compliance with the Privacy Act (1988), the Do Not Call Register Act (2006) and the Spam Act (2003).


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