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1. Getting Started & Scope

Let’s discuss your dream Virtual team
We draft the Scope and PD’s for you.
You approve and we get started.

2. Recruitment

We advertise, screen, interview and test It takes 2 weeks You receive live campaign updates 3 candidates presented for final interview

3. Onboarding

We support you with; Infrastructure Communications Workflow Management

4. IT & Communications

New Laptops with all peripherals required
IT-Support Team available 24x7
All required software and comms
Telephony provide at no cost

5. Data Security

All staff machines are locked Key stroke and screen activity monitoring Client logins and passwords are protected Passed through encryption software

6. Hours & Leave

Staff work fulltime 40-hours a week Staff work your hours Sick and Annual leave entitlements Staff follow your public holiday calendar

7. Payroll & Invoicing

We manage the payroll process Staff work fulltime for 24x7 Direct You're invoiced a flat fee monthly

8. Contracts & Cost

We provide a no-lock in Agreement Simple 30-day notice period

9. Performance Management

Staff performance is managed by you We support staff and clients through; Regular reviews, coaching and training

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A proven track record of success in building virtual teams across a variety of organizational structures and operations.

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Virtual Teams Consultation

A short informal scoping discussion to unpack business needs and discuss relevant Virtual Offshore Solutions.

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