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With a blend of contemporary management procedures and cutting-edge technology; we deliver superb offline staffing solutions. At 24×7 Direct we have seen the many difficulties that business encounter & call centre services on a daily basis. The rise in labour costs and strategies for improving staff add to the total operational expenses for the company.

Our premium offshoring solutions aim to provide businesses economical options for enhancing dedicated employees while managing staff related expenses. At 24×7 Direct we provide professional offshore staffing to assist your business in meeting its bottom line. With reliance on 24×7 Direct We Offer the Following Services:”

Offshore Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping And Financial Solutions Booking

24×7 Direct is specialized in delivering optimum financial solutions that comply with your business objectives with outsourced services. We provide accounting solutions that adhere to international regulation. We ensure that your company in the Philippines remains compliant. Our professional staff is knowledgeable in high level accountancy tasks and procedures. From auditing to tax, and payroll, we offer highly specialized services.

Offshore Staffing

Offshore Staff Dedicated To Expert Administration

We at 24×7 Direct understand how time is money for any business. For this reason, our outsourced services extend to the management of administrative enquiries, communication, report creation and smaller tasks that management should not remain preoccupied with.

offshore staffing services

Invest In Quality Lead Generation

When tasks are offshored and professionally handled, you as the manager or the owner have more time to focus on expansions, competitiveness and production or sales. It offers the time and the practices needed to better manage your business.

Offshore Solutions

Customer Acquisition

Operating on an international scale, we create strategies that best represent your business in the pursuit of customer acquisitions.

Offshore Staffing Company

The Best In Customer Service

To save on hiring permanent staff without compromising on the standard of service provided to your customers, rely on 24×7 Direct. We ensure your customer service interests are met by offering customer support, technical recommendations, and online chat services.

It is our goal to provide your business effective offshore solutions and services that work. Every campaign we create is dedicated to your specific business model. We provide only the best offshore staffing with the goal of creating professional efficiency and saving your business time and money. At 24×7 Direct, we have invested in leading offshore staffing to provide your company the services and professional support it needs and deserves. Save on the operational expenses and the time of hiring permanent staff when an offshore staffing solution can provide the answer.

Call on 24×7 Direct and learn more about the staffing solutions we have available for your offshore business.

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