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Outsourcing your virtual HR and Recruitment team to the Philippines

Having a virtual HR team by outsourcing your Virtual HR and Recruitment functions can reduce your costs by nearly 50% or more. It can also increase the efficiency of the HR function by nearly 40%. The outsourced team will act as a remote recruiter for your company. Just like an in-house HR department, they will handle all your staffing needs. However, the remote HR team will be more efficient since they have domain experience and expertise.

Outsourcing to the Philippines will also reduce your costs as the labor is cheap. But the lower costs do not mean lower quality. The talent in the Philippines is well-educated and experienced in the human resource and recruitment functions. The Philippines is also a leading destination for offshore business function providers. So, you can easily find skilled workers to build your dream virtual team.

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Why outsource human resources and recruitment services now?

It’s crucial to have a solid HR and Recruitment team to hire great employees who meet the requirements of your business. Here are a few reasons why hiring a virtual assistant or recruiter from the Philippines is the right move: 

  • The Filipinos are closely compatible with the Western culture and can adapt to your company’s culture easily.
  • You can use the time zone difference to your advantage and keep the business running 24×7.
  • You don’t have to invest in physical assets such as an office space, computers and their peripherals, and office supplies. You also eliminate financial overheads such as employee taxes and insurance.
  • Your team will have domain expertise, making them faster and better at the job.
Having the right employees working for you is crucial for your business to succeed in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. To find the best talent for your business needs, you need a robust HR function. It can be difficult to find top-notch talent in the HR sector locally, and it’s also expensive. It involves hiring costs, countless hours wasted over interviews and is a generally tedious process to do on your own.
With the help of a leading virtual staffing agency, you can accomplish the same task in lesser time and with lower costs. The agency interviews top talent in the industry on your behalf and shortlists the candidates that meet your requirements. You only need to interview the top two or three candidates that are shortlisted and pick the one you prefer.
Once you have a virtual, high-quality HR department, they can then recruit talent for other roles and departments of your company. Going through the same process with local talent will be expensive, whereas your remote recruiter can do it for about 50% of the cost. They can also hire the rest of your team much faster due to their expertise in the domain.
There are many HR and recruitment functions that you can hire a virtual assistant for. Hiring the right type of remote recruiter will help you save valuable time and money. You can use money and time saved by hiring a virtual HR team to develop your business and scale it faster.

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Outsourcing your Virtual HR and Recruitment is your key growth strategy

The competition for any kind of business is higher than ever before and the profit margins are significantly lower. Cost reduction is the key to maintaining and increasing the profit margins of the company. Maintaining in-house employees incurs some of the highest costs as you end up paying for a lot more than just their salaries.
You have to invest in physical office spaces and infrastructure, hardware, peripherals, and office supplies. You also have to pay overheads on employee salaries in the form of taxes, bonuses, insurance, healthcare benefits, and sometimes even accommodation. When all these costs are cut down, you can invest the same money in growth-building strategies and services.
You also reduce unnecessary time wasted on managing the employees’ day-to-day work and other mundane or backend tasks related to the hiring process. You can invest this saved time in productive core business activities and reap higher profits. The virtual staff will also have the flexibility of working from distraction-free spaces without traveling to work. It leads to higher employee satisfaction which leads to higher productivity and efficiency. Your virtual staff will be more loyal to your company due to higher satisfaction.

24x7direct provides specialized virtual HR and Recruitment Team

The process of hiring and building your virtual HR and Recruitment team through 24×7direct is fairly simple.

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The virtual HR and Recruitment team can look after all the nitty-gritty of the hiring process for you, so you don’t have to waste time learning and experimenting with HR processes. You get a team that is already well-versed with the function and can hit the ground running with their expertise. All these benefits combined will lead to the fast and sustainable growth of your company

Different Teams and Roles in Virtual HR and Recruitment Outsourcing 

  • Technical Recruiter  
  • Executive Recruiter  
  • Staffing Coordinator  
  • Onboarding Specialist  
  • Performance Consultant  
  • HR Business Partner  
  • HR Generalist  
  • Employee Experience Advisor  
  • HR Compliance Specialist  
  • HR Data Analyst  
  • HR Project Manager  
  • Employer Brand Manager  
  • Manpower and Compensation Specialist  
  • Change Agent  
  • Training Manager  
  • Corporate Wellness Specialist  
  • Culture & Digital Transformation Manager  
  • HR Transformation Lead  
  • HR Director  
  • VP of HR  
  • VP of Talent Acquisition   
  • VP of Talent Management   
  • VP of People and Culture  
  • VP of Compensation and Benefits   
  • Chief Human Resources Officer  
  • Chief People Officer  
  • Chief Happiness Officer

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