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Mechanical Engineer Virtual Assistant

Mechanical engineer virtual assistant is an extremely broad engineering field. Mechanical engineers can supervise the development and design of a variety of items, from medical devices that are used in hospitals to batteries for the remote of your TV. To keep it simple, mechanical engineers design like, Generators are machines that produce power, such as turbines, and combustion engines. 

Mechanical engineer virtual assistant can be further divided into distinct specializations, including but not only: Engineering fluid mechanics and biomedical fluid mechanics, Ground vehicle systems, Thermodynamics, heat transfer, and energy systems, and Control and system dynamics.

A lot of mechanical engineering virtual assistant jobs can be done digitally making them ideal for an offshore work environment. So long as your company is ready to go offshore hiring mechanical engineering professionals in the Philippines is cost-effective and simple.



Build a Virtual Team Offshore
for the cost of one Senior Hire!

60 -70% saving on Labor & Ops,
allow growth without the Capex burden.

A single monthly Invoice
No-cost Recruit / Replace / HR



Optimise your processes when you are hands on, do it once, then hand it off!

Your VA’s will map and document the processes throughout training

Automate and handover to your Virtual Team and ramp up to Scale your business



If you believe that it’s all about Admin, you are in for a very pleasant surprise!

If the role does not involve boots on the ground, then we can recruit that skill set for you.

With 1.2 million employees in BPO services in the Philippines, Australia, USA & UK companies are the largest markets.

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