Benefits of Virtual Staff

Cost Saving

Typically a full time Admin staff in Australia would cost about $60k per year plus Superannuation. The award wage in Australia for a Casual Admin staff member is $26.93 per hour plus Superannuation (9.5%). This works out to $29.48 per hour. This doesn’t include payroll tax (4.5%) and any other overheads such as office work station, computers, headset, chairs, office space, recruitment cost, management cost, etc. The cost to hire a staff in the Philippines is about AUD$15 per hour. This includes all the above costs. This is all you pay.

More Family Time

We’ll take on those essential tasks that eat into your time and get in the way of growing your business or enjoying time with your family. Most business owners either work weekends or after hours to tie any loose ends. It could be an email that you need to send to a client updating them about the status of their loan application.

Conserve Time

We co-manage the staff so that if they have simple questions we are there to help. This means you can get on with growing your business rather than dealing with minor issues. We manage them on a regular basis and provide them with a safe and secure working environment. We also keep them motivated by running various staff engagement activities so you don’t have to do any of that.

Weekends are your to enjoy

By offloading your mundane tasks, a virtual assistant can literally add more productive hours to your day. You get time back to spend as you wish.

Work Flexibility

As long as you are in a place with a good internet connection, you can communicate with your staff and get work done! We show you how this is done and set everything up for you. You’ll be amazed at how easy this is.

Efficient Systems

Systemised business not reliant on you for everything. Your staff will note down and prepare manuals for everything you’ve trained them on. You can then use this for future staff.

Experienced Staff

Staff have a minimum experience of 2 years a Uni degree so you know you’re dealing with a mature staff member who knows what’s required to keep your business going.


We do this for you. Generally out of every 100 resumes we receive, we hire 1 staff. When you provide us with a Job Description for a staff member our recruitment team gets on with finding the best candidate for you. We will present 2 to 3 shortlisted candidates for you to interview. If you’re not satisfied with them we’ll present more candidates. This means you don’t need to place job ads, no need for phone interviews or face to face interviews, no need to do reference checks etc. We do this for you.