How We Find Virtual Experts

At 24×7 Direct, we take pride in delivering top-tier virtual assistant solutions that perfectly match your business needs. Our meticulous 6-step hiring process ensures you’re paired with a skilled professional who accelerates your success. Here’s how we recruit.

How We Recruit

Step 1: Resume Screening

Filtering Excellence

After the initial assessment, we meticulously review and screen resumes of potential virtual assistants.

Step 2: HR Interview

Unveiling the Persona Behind the CV

Selected candidates undergo a thorough interview with our HR specialists.

Step 3: Due Diligence & Reference Checks

Validating Excellence

Before progressing further, we conduct a comprehensive background check and contact references provided by the candidates.

Step 4: Technical Assessment

Gauging Proficiency

For roles that require specific technical skills, we administer relevant assessments to gauge the candidates' proficiency.

Step 5: Second Interview with Operations Team

Assessing Adaptability

This stage delves deeper into their suitability for your unique requirements.

Step 6: Client Interview

Your Seal of Approval

Before making a final decision, we arrange an interview between the shortlisted candidate and you, the client.

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You can book a call and we’ll explain the whole process. We are based in Australia with all our staff based in the Philippines and have clients across the globe.

Frequently asked questions

We’re committed to transparency and addressing your questions throughout the recruitment process.

The general assessment tests the candidate on language, numeracy aptitude and personality. This is where we get an idea of their personality and things they would be good at. 

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