How We Manage Virtual Assistants

At 24×7 Direct, we take pride in our seamless approach to managing virtual assistants that benefits both our valued clients and dedicated staff members. Our holistic approach ensures a harmonious working relationship and superior outcomes.

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Staff Perspective

Onboarding Excellence

Onboarding and Orientation

From day one, we provide comprehensive onboarding and orientation for our staff members. This empowers them to perform at their highest level and contribute effectively to your business operations.

Continuous Support

Continuous support

Our commitment to success goes beyond initial training. Throughout their tenure, our virtual assistants receive continuous assistance to perform at their peak, backed by a responsive support system.

Dedicated Success Managers

Structured Catch-Ups

Our Success Managers are the backbone of our staff support system. They engage in daily and fortnightly catch-ups with staff members to provide assistance, address concerns, and ensure everything is running seamlessly.

Efficient Task Tracking

Transparency and Accountability

Through vigilant monitoring of our time tracking tool, our Success Managers ensure that all tasks performed by our staff members are meticulously logged and recorded. This guarantees visibility and transparency for both clients and staff, contributing to a strong partnership.

Updated HR Portal

Ensuring system is updated

We maintain an up-to-date HR portal, ensuring that all relevant information is readily accessible to our staff members. This enhances their experience and allows them to focus on their tasks with confidence.

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We bridge the gap between exceptional clients and empowered staff members, creating a collaborative environment that drives results.

Client Perspective

Continuous Communication

Regular client check-ups

We prioritize regular catch-ups with clients and their virtual assistant team members. This consistent communication streamlines the feedback process, fostering a collaborative environment that leads to enhanced productivity and client satisfaction.

Technical Facilitation

Facilitate any technical requirements

Our commitment extends to handling all technical requirements. We ensure that the necessary tools and systems are in place for smooth operations, allowing our clients to focus on their core tasks while their virtual assistants manage the rest.

24x7 Direct Mary Ann Redona
Mary Ann Redona
How We Manage Virtual Assistants

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Our onboarding process is comprehensive and swift. It familiarizes staff with your values, goals, and tasks, ensuring they contribute effectively from the beginning. You can read more on our How We Recruit page.

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