Virtual Assistants for Recruitment & Human Resources

A Recruitment and Human Resource virtual assistant can take on many roles and responsibilities within an organization. They can help with things like recruiting, onboarding, employee relations, benefits administration, and much more. By taking on some of the tasks that an HR department typically handles, a Recruitment and HR VA can save the organization time and money.

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Virtual HR and Recruitment Team

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Responsible for sourcing, attracting, and recruiting candidates for open positions.

Recruitment Coordinator

Assists in scheduling interviews, coordinating candidate communication, and managing recruitment processes.

HR Coordinator

Supports various HR functions, including employee onboarding, data management, and administrative tasks.

HR Assistant

Provides general administrative support to the HR Team, maintains records, and assists in HR projects.

HR Consultant

Provides expert advice on HR practices, policies, and compliance to businesses on a contract basis.

Recruitment Specialist

Focuses on candidate sourcing, screening, and evaluating applicants for specific job roles.

HR Generalist

Handles a wide range of HR Tasks, from recruitment and onboarding to employee relations and performance management.

Talent Sourcer

Specializes in identifying and engaging potential candidates using various sourcing techniques.

Compensation and Benefits Specialist

Manages employee compensation, and benefits programs, and ensures compliance with compensation regulations.

Success Manager

Focuses on fostering positive employee relations, addressing concerns, and managing workplace conflicts.

Performance Management Specialist

Designs and implements performance appraisal processes, feedback mechanisms, and goal-setting procedures.

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What Roles Have We Hired?

Human Resource virtual assistant can also improve the quality of hires by pre-screening candidates and providing feedback to the hiring manager. Not only do they help keep businesses organized and efficient, but they also bring new opportunities for use cases that were previously impossible due to cost or manpower constraints.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Recruitment Assistant

Recruitment Manager

Talent Sourcer

HR Consultant

HR Analyst

HR Assistant

Employee Relations Specialist

Success Manager

Duties Performed:

Talent Sourcing

Candidate Communication

Resume Screening

Reference Checks

Interview Coordination

Initial Interview

Onboarding Support

Employee Data Management

Employee Relations

Benefits Administration

HR Documentation

Timekeeping & Payroll

Performance Management

Training & Development

Administrative Tasks


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