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Save Up To 70% on Cost of Labour by Hiring A Virtual Assistant!

Whether you’re looking for IT, Administration, Accounting, Design, Finance or any other staff, 24×7 Direct, Australia’s top virtual staffing agency, can help you recruit and manage a team of Virtual Staff hassle-free. We look after everything!   

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Client Testimonials and Success Stories

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Confirm Scope

We’ll help you finalise a position description to get started with recruitment

Select Talent

We’ll do all the hard work and present shortlisted candidates to you. You have the final say.

Go Live

Our Success Manager will organise the onboarding and orientation of your new team member and help you along the way.

Our Virtual Assistants

“I am currently working with a client who has a bookkeeping firm in Victoria, Australia. My job responsibility is to ensure that all data are correct and accurate from the start of data entry of bills or invoices up to  the reporting of client’s business activity statements…”

Evangeline Domingo

Bookkeeper VA

“I have been providing accounting services for 4 years now and have gained necessary experience and skills to provide accurate and useful information for my client. My role is to assist my client with accounting tasks such as bookkeeping, financials and tax returns. “

Juvilyn Valera


“I am an eLearning Designer with a background in organizational psychology specializing in adult education and learning in organizations. My area of expertise lies in doing research on e-Learning techniques and implying them in a development phase of the projects I have been in.”

Cheza Olmoguez

eLearning Designer

Partner with us today and experience the benefits of having a skilled virtual assistant dedication to your business success.

Industries We've Served

Our experienced team handles the recruitment process for you, ensuring that you get the best talent at a fraction of the cost. With our robust recruitment process and commitment to client experience, you can trust us to provide a dependable offshoring solution that meets your staffing needs.

Accounting and Finance


Information Technology


Legal Services

Logistic and Transport

Professional Services

Real Estate

Retail and E-commerce

Recruitment and Human Resources

What Roles Have We Hired?

The following is a list of possible offshore positions to handle all your work functions in any industry: 


Accounts Administrator

Finance Officer

Financial Planning Assistant

Finance Assistant


Web Developer

Senior Drupal Web Developer

SEO Specialist/Analyst

Technical Support

L1 Systems Engineer

L2 Systems Engineer

Data Analyst

Software Quality Assurance

DevOps Engineer

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Paralegal Assistant

Marketing Assistant

Customer Service Representative

Sales Support

SEO Specialist

Content Creator

Social Media Manager



Executive Assistant

... and more!

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Letter From Our Founder

Dear Business Owner,

We get it.

Growing a business is an incredible journey, yet it comes with its unique set of challenges. You’re likely pondering where your next customer will come from, feeling the weight of uncertainty, and experiencing those sleepless nights.

As your journey unfolds, you’ve realised the importance of building a team that transcends borders. With Virtual Staff, you’re not just opening the door to cost savings; you’re gaining access to a world of unparalleled talent, ready to enhance your operations in ways you never thought possible.

Imagine having a skilled professional for every aspect of your business— whether it’s accounting, web design, SEO or administration

You’re not just hiring staff; 

you’re acquiring an array of expertise to help your business soar.

While others grapple with juggling a thousand tasks, you’re making the smart move. 

You understand the power of delegation and the freedom it can bring. 

The path to success doesn’t mean doing everything yourself; it’s about assembling a virtual dream team that can handle it all.

At 24×7 Direct, we specialise in connecting you with the right Virtual Staff members, tailored to your unique business needs. 

Our virtual professionals can seamlessly integrate into your team, bringing excellence and efficiency to your daily operations.

Embrace growth, maximise efficiency, and welcome success with open arms. Your journey to excellence starts here.

Let us help you!!!

Devang Parikh


Steps on Getting Started

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Step 1: Getting Started & Scope

Let’s discuss your dream Virtual team We draft the Scope and PD’s for you.
You approve and we get started.

Step 2: Recruitment

We advertise, screen, interview and test.
It takes 2 weeks. You receive live campaign updates 3 candidates presented for final interview

Step 3: Onboarding

We support you with;
Infrastructure Communication Workflow Management

Step 4: IT & Communications

For roles that require specific technical skills, we administer relevant assessments to gauge the candidates' proficiency.

Step 5: Data Security

All staff machines are locked Key stroke and screen activity monitoring Client logins and passwords are protected Passed through encryption software

Step 6: Hours & Leaves

Staff work fulltime 40-hours a week. Staff work your hours. Sick and Annual leave entitlements.
Staff follow your public holiday calendar

Step 7: Payroll & Invoicing

We manage the payroll process. Staff work fulltime for 24x7 Direct. You're invoiced a flat fee monthly

Step 8: Contracts & Cost

We provide a no-lock in Agreement
Simple 30-day notice period

Step 9: Performance Management

Staff performance is managed by you
We support staff and clients through;
Regular reviews, coaching and training

Our Team of Experts is Ready to Assist You

Partner with us today and experience the benefits of having a skilled virtual assistant dedicated to your business success.


You can leave the rest to us!

Our team will present shortlisted candidates to you after a robust recruitment process. You have the final say.

Discover How 24x7 Direct Can Source, Train & Manage Talented Remote Staff & Save You 70% Vs. Local Labour

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