Facilities Management

Industry: Facilities Management

Client Profile: The client is a leading facilities management firm handling popular buildings for large organisations including the big four banks of Australia.

Background: Client was looking to hire Offshore Staff for performing accounting functions such as Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable and Payroll. One of their staff members had decided to leave and there was an urgent requirement for an Offshore Staff member.


24×7 Direct Solution:

  • Add bills to internal CRM
  • Added scanned form of contacts to the address book shared by the client and his associates
  • Formatted invoices as per the style guide given
  • Created documents on Google docs/drive and added the content (documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations)
  • Collated the invoices related to the jobs provided by the client and updated the internal CRM
  • Managed client’s CRM by adding/editing contents and created new invoices and shared with client’s associates
  • Managed client’s emails and took action to the emails referring the labels
  • Provided administrative support
  • Provide Payroll support and execution of payslips



Our client hired 3 more staff to join the team. This not only reduced their cost but also had dedicated staff performing accounting functions to provide faster support to vendors and internal teams

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