Financial Services, Mortgage Broking

Client Profile: Our client operated a financial planning firm with integrated divisions that enable their customers to invest across various opportunities including Investment Property.

Background: Financial Planners within the business ran most of the admin activities which included following up with clients, arranging meetings, handling inbound calls and also coordinating after sales activities with mortgage brokers and property developers

24×7 Direct Solution

  • Start with 1 staff working 9am to 5.30pm AEST
  • Add inbound inquiries to Pipedrive CRM
  • Follow up with customers to arrange meetings
  • Send reminders of meetings
  • Coordinate the financial planners’ diaries
  • Collate information received by financial planners and prepare statement of advice
  • Follow up with clients to arrange a meeting in the office
  • Coordinate with mortgage broker for finance
  • Doing annual reviews with customers
  • Do surveys to get feedback
  • Bookkeeping
  • Build training & process manuals
  • Preparing reports
  • Create systems flowchart templates and forms
  • Generate content for newsletters and marketing
  • Manage social media platforms
  • Email broadcast

Impact: Our client was spending time after hours and weekends doing the above admin work. This was resulting in loss of productivity and sales. After hiring the first staff member with us the client hired another staff member in the second month to support all the financial planners. Obviously, cost was saved but more importantly they were able to increase their sales by focussing on productivity.

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