Guide to outsourcing IT services

it services outsourcing

Guide to outsourcing IT services

it services outsourcing

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Big corporations like Google, Nike, Facebook, IBM, and Coca-Cola have numerous things they share. They’re all multi-billion dollar companies. They employ thousands of workers all over the world. They are leaders in their field with a long-standing reputation for their willingness to try something new to keep ahead of their rivals.

An example? Another shared characteristic is that the majority of them outsource at the very least a part of their business activities associated with IT specifically offshore to teams.

It’s true that even the biggest technology firms recognize the advantages of hiring third-party companies to provide certain IT services needed by their companies. It’s not just them. Research has found that 92 percent of G2000 firms which is a Forbes listing of the world’s most prestigious public companies – outsource IT-related services, with expenditure on IT services expected to hit $519 billion by 2023..

From defining the term and highlighting the reasons to outsource IT services, to highlighting the typical roles, this book is an essential guide for companies of all sizes and shapes who are interested in understanding the reason why so many companies are looking outside of their four walls to get IT to support for their services.

Guide to outsourcing IT services

IT service outsourcing is the process of using external resources to handle the majority or all of a company’s technological needs. Instead of employing internal employees or teams to do the tasks, they work with outsourcing companies with expertise in managing jobs as diverse as infrastructure maintenance, software development, and operating service desks. Nearshore (same nation), as well as close shore (nearby nations), are two possible outsourcing alternatives However, many businesses are drawn to the numerous advantages which come with outsourcing to outsourcing destinations like the Philippines.

What are the most commonly outsourced IT services and roles?

If you have an IT service that could be done on the home turf it is likely that you’ll have a highly-trained and less expensive solution to manage the job offshore.

Systems, hardware, and support for networks

Anyone who has had to face technological hurdles they can’t overcome is aware of how vital they are. They don’t just develop, construct and maintain technology for data communications, they also offer support for telephony and hardware to reset passwords, and also streamline the systems using tech solutions. Imagine roles like those:

Administration of databases

With the compilation and analysis of information increasing at the very top of companies’ priority lists recently, there is no surprise that database administration teams are seen as a vital resource. Alongside the storage and organization of information for businesses and organizations, they are also responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with privacy regulations through roles like Database Support Specialist or Database Support Manager. Database Administrator.

Support and development of software

Every tech breakthrough begins at some point and is typically made by experts who develop software, develop and maintain applications and systems. They create the code, create applications, correct bugs, and constantly seek out improvement and new ideas. The most important roles are Application Developer and Applications Engineer. Programmer, Java Developer, Software Developer Software Engineer .NET Developer Qualitative Assurance Analyst Lead Systems Software Engineer, and Lead Software Developer.

Support and development for Web sites

Web-based and mobile apps are today’s shops for a variety of organizations, and that’s why the caliber of this team could determine the success or failure of a company. An easy and seamless internet presence isn’t a luxury but an essential requirement. The web development team develop web pages, design and maintain them, and portals, as well as eCommerce platforms. Essential roles include Front End Developer Back-End Developer, Web Administrator, Web Developer Webmaster Web Support Specialist, and Lead Web Developer.

Security of information

A recent Optus attack in Australia which saw around 10 million people being exposed as having their personal data highlights the significance of cybersecurity in today’s world. Protecting networks, computers, and data centers from cyber attacks, cyber viruses, or attacks is more crucial than ever, and not having an experienced team to oversee this process could have devastating results. Essential roles include Information Security Analyst/Specialist IT Security Specialist, and Information Security Director.

What are the advantages from outsource IT services?

Many business owners initially are attracted by outsourcing for financial reasons, but they soon become thrilled by the other advantages. It is clear that outsourcing is a good idea in terms of economic sense, but there’s an important reason why businesses that need to increase productivity and improve efficiency are now embracing the idea.

Cost savings

The Philippines is an excellent illustration of a nation that can offer significant savings through outsourcing. Because of a cheaper cost of living compared to Western countries, companies can save as much as 70% on their wages in addition to the costs associated with recruitment training, onboarding, and infrastructure. Tax incentives can aid companies in building well-trained IT teams, without taking their money out of their accounts.

Performance improvement

Although there was an idea that outsourcing could adversely impact productivity and quality the days of outsourcing are gone. The IT talent available in nations like the Philippines is known for their hardworking, highly educated, and skilled onshore clients frequently noting improvements in accuracy and efficiency. Teams of IT from offshore are responsible for time-consuming and repetitive tasks as well as allowing their onshore employees to concentrate on more valuable and high-quality work.

Talent access

The IT industry has always been a highly competitive market for recruiters and the worldwide shortage of workers has only increased the difficulty. Between the rising cost of wages and the limited resources for talent in the US and the lack of skilled workers, it’s not surprising that companies are attracted by outsourcing hotspots like the Philippines with around 71,000 IT professionals currently employed and training to be added every day.


In times of economic uncertainty and growing budget pressures, the capability to swiftly scale the number of employees is unquestionably important. Outsourcing IT services means that executives can effortlessly increase or reduce the support level to meet current circumstances, and also effortlessly adjusting the workforce size to meet the demands of seasonal changes.


24/7 IT support is the goal of nearly every CEO, and outsourcing is a key factor in making it an actuality. The mix of various time zones and rates has meant that many businesses are now able to provide 24/7 support for their IT employees and clients, which is a major factor in creating positive attitudes within and outside of their companies.


Outsourcing IT has proved to be a game-changer for many companies. If it’s about tapping into a particular skill set and creating an entire offshore team, or using both external and internal resources There are endless possibilities to create and apply the right framework for your particular needs. The exponential growth of the industry is a sign of the reality that outsourcing IT services is no longer a question of ‘if’, but “when” for innovative companies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into nearly everything we do. tech giants advancing the research process and innovating at a fast pace. Discover the effects of AI on various industries and what the future of work will look like and how you can take advantage of AI to improve operations.


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