Logistics & Transport Services Virtual Assistant: Meeting Customer Demands with Ease

The innovative approach of hiring Virtual Assistants bridges the gap between customer expectations and operational excellence, ensuring smooth logistics operations, optimized supply chains, and seamless customer experiences. This paved the way for cutting-edge solutions for unparalleled success. 

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Logistics management software 24x7 Direct VAs are using:

Benefits of Virtual Staff

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Say goodbye to burnout

Slash 70% of your labour costs

Virtual Assistant for Logistics and Transport

Logistics Coordinator Assistant

Assisting in managing shipments, coordinating with carriers, and maintaining logistics schedules.

Transportation Planner

Helping plan efficient routes, manage delivery schedules, ad optimize transportation operations.

Supply Chain Assistant

Supporting supply chain activities, inventory management, and procurement coordination.

Customer Service Representative

Handling customer inquiries, order tracking, and ensuring smooth communication with clients.

Data Entry Specialist

Managing data related to shipments, orders, and inventory in logistics software.

Administrative Support

Providing administrative tasks such as scheduling, email correspondence, and documentation.

Freight Forwarding Assistant

Assisting with booking freight shipments, preparing documentation, and coordinating customs clearance. 

Route Optimization Specialist

Using software to analyze and optimize transportation routes for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Warehouse Management Support

Helping manage warehouse operations, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment.

Fleet Management Coordinator

Assisting in overseeing vehicle maintenance, tracking, and compliance with regulations.

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What Roles Have We Hired?

The swift realm of logistics and transport services requires meeting customer demands with precision and efficiency. The integration of technology and human expertise has given rise to a game-changing solution.  The following is a list of possible offshore positions to handle all your logistics and transportation functions: 

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Customer Service Representative

Coordinator Assistant

National Work Allocator

Sales Support

Duties Performed:

Administrative Tasks

Client Engagement and Inquiries

Order Fulfillment

Order Tracking

Quotation Preparation

Client Communications

Inventory Tracking

Sales Reporting

Our Virtual Assistants Say About Their Work

“My responsibilities and capacity wide range of tasks aimed to ensuring the efficient operation of my client’s business .”

Lourdes Ordiz

Sales and Admin VA

“I work as a service controller to one of the successful lifting solution companies in Australia and I have been working in a business process outsourcing industry for over six years.”

Nepoy Hudierez

Service Controller

“My responsibilities and capacity wide range of tasks aimed to ensuring the efficient operation of my client’s business .”

Lourdes Ordiz

Sales and Admin VA

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