Outsourcing virtual assistant for medical billing

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It’s fair to say that there has never been a more crucial moment for hospitals and health service providers to make sure they leave no scratch unturned in improving their business processes. Because of this, offshore companies are helping to alleviate the burden by providing the option of outsourcing virtual assistants for medical billing and medical coding services for health and hospital facilities of any size.

As they did in the past with IT service and contact centers virtual armies of skilled and enthusiastic recruits from outsourcing hubs like the Philippines are ready to offer their expertise at affordable rates.

Advantages of outsourcing virtual assistant for medical billing

There are many reasons that the market for medical billing outsourcing is growing at a rapid rate. It is estimated to be worth $10.2 billion by 2020, and the market is predicted to expand by a compound annual amount of 12.66 percent from 2021 until 2028 it’s simple to see why when you look at the advantages of using offshore for skilled professionals.

Lower costs

Destinations such as the Philippines have significantly less expensive living expenses than Western nations, and businesses are able to save as much as 70% on their employment costs in the first instance by hiring an offshore team or specialist. In addition, outsourcing medical billing, and code to the Philippines assures that billing is processed efficiently with invoices or claims paid out faster and reimbursements are made earlier.

Better accuracy

Medical Billing and Coding isn’t an area that should be taken lightly in regards to accuracy. Employing well-trained and knowledgeable personnel is crucial. Outsourcing specialists can establish whole teams of employees with expertise in the field. They also have the reputation of performing better than the competition and identifying issues prior to them becoming issues.

Higher efficiency

Ask any organization that has worked with a reputable outsourcing service and they’ll inform you that the processes and systems are usually their strongest point. As a health billing and code company, they offer a variety of tools, software, and knowledge necessary to make use of data in a more efficient manner whether it’s studying patterns, identifying obstacles, or improving communication.


Like other industries, health requirements can arrive in waves, and outsourcing allows medical billing or coding administrators to expand their workforce to meet their daily or weekly schedules. Additionally, health professionals can easily increase or decrease the number of employees they have offshore to meet demand during the season, such as at the close of the financial year. 

There is no more waste of money than employees getting paid when there’s nothing to do and this won’t be the situation with medical billing or outsourcing for coding.

Better Compliance

The safe and private storage of data of patients is not a matter of debate as the regulations and rules in these areas are not just strict, but also frequently changing. Good outsourcing partners can give you security by keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations and making sure HIPPA compliance in relation to issues like the privacy of patients.

Is it time to look for a Virtual Assistant Company?

Coding and medical billing are essential to not be placed in the hands of chance, especially in these times of demands for resourcing and finances have a significant impact on health officials. Hiring offshore for skilled, knowledgeable staff is the most effective option to make sure you’re providing your business with the best chance to run an efficient system for your patients, clinicians, and your bottom line.

We at 24x7direct can recruit and offer fully-qualified highly experienced medical billing assistants in the Philippines at up to 70% less than the amount you would have to pay in the local market. Outsourcing a virtual assistant for medical billing is a wise business choice.