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In the education industry, various roles are offered to support different aspects of this sector. The increasing adoption of online learning, remote education, and digital tools has led to a higher demand to Outsourcing Virtual Education Services within educational institutions. 

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Virtual Education

Online Educator or Teacher

Delivering virtual classes, lessons, and tutorials to students through online platforms.

Curriculum Developer

Designing and developing curriculum materials, lesson plans, and educational resources for online learning platforms.

Online Tutor

Providing one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions to students in various subjects, offering personalized support and assistance.

Educational Content Creator

Creating digital educational content, such as video lectures, interactive quizzes, and multimedia presentations to enhance online learning experiences.

E-Learning Coordinator

Managing and coordinating e-learning programs, ensuring smooth delivery of online courses, and providing technical support to both educators and students.

Online Researcher

Conducting virtual research projects, collecting data, analyzing findings, and contributing to educational research initiatives.

Student Support Advisor

Offering virtual guidance and support services to students, addressing academic and personal challenges, and connecting them with relevant resources.

Online Course Designer

Designing and developing online courses, including structuring content, creating engaging learning materials, and ensuring alignment with educational goals.

Education Program Coordinator

Coordinating and managing virtual education programs, events, and initiatives, ensuring successful implementation and participant engagement.

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What Roles Have We Hired?

The following is a list of possible offshore positions to handle all your educational functions: 

Program Coordinator

Programs Manager

E-Learning Developer

Associate Learning Designer

I2G Program Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Industry Engagement Support Officer

Duties Performed:

Designing and creating educational content, courses

Provide one-on-one or group tutoring sessions


Facilitation of school programs

Mentoring sessions with students

Develops programs

Evaluations of programs outcome

Creates or modifies learning experiences

Monitoring program quality

Our Virtual Assistants Say About Their Work

“I am an eLearning Designer with a background in organizational psychology specializing in adult education and learning in organizations. My area of expertise lies in doing research on e-Learning techniques and implying them in a development phase of the projects I have been in.”

Cheza Olmoguez

eLearning Designer

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“I have a diverse professional background in the IT industry that spans over 8 years already. My expertise focuses more on maintaining and improving on existing servers.”

Chester Medel

Systems Engineer

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