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It is reasonable to admit that data entry isn’t thought of as the most glamorous of careers. In a time when children are increasingly desire to become celebrities on social networks working in a field which is more closely associated with “repetitive” rather than “celebrity’ isn’t always an easy sell. Although 10 percent of the data entry workers employ in U.S. are statistical analysts’ the rest mostly comprise basic operators of data entry who work in the difficult job of transferring paper data into software.

The paradox lies in the fact that entry of data is incredibly important from a commercial perspective and companies are always trying to find the perfect equilibrium between speed and precision. It is crucial to not waste time on the job, even the most basic mistakes can cause the most difficulties for both companies and clients. High-quality, reliable and secure data entry is not achieved in a vacuum and, regardless of what the public thinks it is an important job that should be considered a top prioritization instead of an afterthought.

Although it is true that the U.S. is home to more than 150,000 clerks for data entry Numerous companies have discovered an easier way to tackle their requirements for data entry. Instead of spending a lot of money and wasting valuable time hiring internal clerks or establishing entire teams for data entry and teams, they have joined with thousands of other companies in partnering with outsourcing companies which do the heavy job for them. They understand the fact that it is highly specialized job that must be delegated to highly skilled experts and if those specialists happen to reside in an area where labor costs are 70 percent lower than in Western countries, then that’s even better.

What is data entry?

Data entry is in essence, the process of transferring data from various sources into a business’s computing system to process and managing. From time-consuming and repetitive entries to more research-oriented work the tasks include changing data from PDF documents into a spreadsheet, or sorting through data to determine whether it’s necessary, unnecessary or even accurate.

What’s changed over the last decades is that “data entry’ today covers an array of different services, each one requiring particular expertise and skills. The most popular data entry services are:

  • Conversion of data is the process of converting files to different formats, and examples include PDF to Word images, PDF into Excel and PDF into Excel. This is a branch that involves transcribing audio file into text, is particularly crucial in the medical field where documents must be converted into digital format.
  • Cleansing data Data cleansing refers to cleaning data, and requires more consideration as compared to data conversion. The process involves removing unnecessary or inaccurate information from databases to ensure that the data is accurate and current. This procedure may have to be carried out frequently to keep up with an ever-changing database.
  • Processing data This involves the analysis of data to make sure that the information can be used. Data processors need to produce graphs, tables, and charts that show the data. they then use them to recommend improvements or changes to the processes of a business. In certain instances for example, like data entry for product input, the data process could be used to calculate the company’s profits over the month.
  • Classification of data This refers to the procedure of arranging data into categories based upon the characteristics of the item. Also known as’sorting and tagging’, this refers to data tagging , which is an essential component of preparing data for machine-driven processes controlled by AI.

What is it that you mean by outsourcing data entry?

Outsourcing data entry is a way for companies to collaborate with third-party companies to manage their data entry requirements. Starting from raw conversion of data, survey data entry, to entering data into Excel sheets for back-office accounting, high-quality outsourcing companies pride themselves on finding the right employees and using the latest technology to handle these services.

A vast majority of tasks related to data entry can be accomplished digitally making them suitable for being carried out in an offshore setting. The demand to outsource data entry functions is evident in the numbers that demonstrate the immense scale of the business. Outsourcing services for data entry market is predicted to rise by 504 million between 2020 and 2025 The APAC Region (including and including the Philippines) accounting for around 46 percent of the world part of market. This is a huge number and deservedly so considering the impact this industry has on businesses of all shapes and size.

What are the benefits outsourcing your data entry service?

There are many benefits outsourcing data processing including that your staff or you do not have to think about how to manage the process. The teams that are outsourced are well-trained and proficient in the process of data entry but entrusting this monotonous and time-consuming tasks to employees undermines their being able perform their essential roles in the organization. The ability to focus on rewarding and worthwhile tasks also results in increases in productivity and morale of staff.

The advantages of outsourcing could be summarized into three major areas.

  1. Savings offshore experts for data entry are accessible at a fraction of the cost because of the lower costs of living in a variety of outsourcing locations. For instance outsourcing to Philippines could lead to companies saving as much as 70% on their labor and operating expenses when compared to hiring local workers and without sacrificing an excellent output. Outsourcing data entry services can help businesses save money for training or other infrastructure like office equipment and computers.
  2. Fewer errors Expert data entry experts have years of experience and have been trained which allows for faster turnaround times and more accurate results than teams that are inexperienced and untrained. Professionally-run work is more secure and of better quality than those made by employees who aren’t trained. A professional and reliable system will make sure that work done by outsourced data experts is done at the highest quality and in a setting where even minor mistakes could result in costly errors, it is essential.
  3. Increased productivity This is a two-pronged approach. To begin, outsourcing permits businesses to access the expertise of experts in data entry who are skilled, efficient and enthusiastic about their work. Filipinos for instance, are well-known for their dedication and loyalty and a majority of them place an emphasis in working for Western employers. This naturally affects their productivity.

More at home, assigning data entry tasks to employees in-house removes them from the specific areas they specialize in. In addition, they can be less effective than outsourcing experts in data entry. Instead of local workers wasting time with tedious tasks outsourcing the data entry process can boost productivity across the whole team.

The rise of machines

Discussions have increased over the last few years on the fact that, in the time of artificial intelligence, data mining and other smart technology, data entry still has to be a manual process. Although many people believe that it’s only the case that machines take over the task of processing, cleansing, and classifying data however, evidence seems to suggest that technology solutions aren’t ready yet to replace the human element of data entry anytime soon.

One study looked at an emerging company that was planning to develop and employ AI to create data however, its analysts were required to gather and enter the data manually during the interim. When it was time to conduct its AI trial, they found that the AI technology was able to produce five percent of the data analysts were taking and entering manually and for a substantially more expensive cost. This realization was swiftly shifted their strategy for data to shift their data strategy from AI and human intelligence.

The study’s author stated in the study’s report: “Technology doesn’t always operate as planned … although certain data could be easily found from annual report, but for a lot of the other data, analysts – and later the data entry personnel – needed to look on the internet for more details (and) then insert it into the database. It’s a complete waste of time and be nearly impossible to automatize the data entry aspect of this job.”

In the same way that machines are not in a position to replace human interaction in healthcare, arts and education fields and data entry, it is expected to remain the sole responsibility of humans. The introduction of new technologies like cloud computing, the Cloud as well as scanning programs has certainly had a positive impact however, when everything is done experts in data entry continue to play an essential job – even more so if they have the support of an professional outsourcing company.

How do you start your outsourcing journey for data entry

It is evident that outsourcing data entry is a smart business decision. Before you sign up with a company it is crucial to take time to think about a few important aspects.

To begin, ensure that you understand the math. Comparing the costs of both offshore and in-house options will let you know precisely how the partnership with a firm can benefit your bottom account. It is equally important that you assess your particular requirements (e.g data conversion and extraction of data) and ensure your prospective provider is using the most recent technology and software to maximize the performance of their services and improve your results.

After you have accepted the terms of contract, including time frames for turnaround and processes for performance management and performance management processes, the day will come when your data entry processes begin to be outsourced, and, as numerous businesses have found out that there is no going back.

Cleansing data is an technically-based expertise in and of itself and vital to ensure organizations have better information to make better decisions. Learn the benefits of outsourcing data cleansing and examples of similar tasks, and an understanding of how to organize the team for data cleansing.

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