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Virtual Paraplanner Assistant

If you’d prefer the Financial Planners to focus on more valuable advisory services and customer-facing tasks, then hiring a virtual paraplanner assistant rather than employing additional advisors is a cost-effective choice. But a top-quality virtual paraplanning assistant can be difficult and costly to develop locally.

It’s an extremely new field of work and requires specialized skills in financial and technical analysis. Hiring a highly-qualified virtual paraplanner assistant, instead of hiring them in-house, is the best choice for companies with a tight budget to cut costs while seeking to boost profits and revenue.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual paraplanner assistant?

Virtual staffing companies such as 24x7direct provide access to a broad pool of highly skilled financial paraplanners in the Philippines. Why in the Philippines? Because living costs are so low in the Philippines, labor and occupancy costs are low too.

Cost Savings

By hiring a virtual paraplanner assistant to support business functions and time-consuming tasks for a fraction of the price, due to the lower living costs in the Philippines, you can save up to 70% when compared to hiring locally.

Increase in output efficiency and quality levels

Sending routine paraplanning tasks to an outsourced team in the Philippines means your onshore team will have more time to take on higher value, strategic work. Your business will notice a drastic increase in productivity levels across your department.

Business growth and scaling opportunities

When you send your time-consuming tasks to an outsourced virtual paraplanner assistant in the Philippines, your local team will have more time to focus on increasing profits and business growth and development. The additional capacity that your onshore team gets as a result of your offshore team’s support means you can grow your business sustainably.

Save up on resources

Hiring a virtual paraplanning assistant allows you to let go of expenses that come with hiring an in-house team. From extra desks to extra office space, 24x7direct team will take care of your overhead expenses for your team.

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70% saving on labour cost

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