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Outsourcing Virtual HR Assistant is an increasing trend that makes sense for many companies. Often, business owners find that outsourcing saves them time and money when placing human resource responsibilities in the hands of the right people. Outsourcing Virtual HR Assistants can also increase efficiency and provide in-house employees the time they need to focus on the core of the business.

24x7direct can help you build a competitive advantage in talent acquisition and retention with our Virtual HR assistant by recruiting effectively and retaining high-performing talent that reduces your cost-per-hire by up to 70%, speeds up your sourcing-to-onboarding time, and significantly improves your quality-per-hire. We can build your dedicated HR/recruitment team from the ground up, and they can set up to work remotely.

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You can book a call and we’ll explain the whole process. We are based in Australia with all our staff based in the Philippines and have clients across the globe.

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Transform Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

70% saving on labour cost

No recruitment cost

No upfront Capital cost. We provide the infrastructure.

One invoice. No hidden costs.


Virtual Teams Discussion

A short informal scoping discussion to unpack business needs and discuss relevant Virtual Offshore Solutions.

Tremayne Murphy and Devang Parikh will host this meeting.