What makes a great admin assistant?


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It’s claimed that an executive can only be the best as their assistant administrative – often referred to by the name of an administrator, executive assistant, secretary, or personal assistant.

In charge of day-to-day administration in the case of one, or several executives as well as a group or group, an admin assistant serves as one of the “eyes and ears” of a business who has access to exclusive and crucial insights into the corporate its culture and performance as well as future direction.

Administrative professionals are crucial for the smooth operation of a team, business or office. In many companies, the administrative assistant is often the first employee in addition to the founder team, with many managers dependent on the abilities of their assistants to effectively perform their work.

What exactly is the admin assistant role entail?

Based on the job description and level of seniority in addition to the type and size of the company, and numerous other factors such as the size and type of business, a secretary or an admin assistant is expected to perform an enormous (and often difficult) array of crucial tasks.

This could be:

  • Office supplies to order
  • Recording the minutes of the meetings
  • The new staff is welcomed to join the ranks.
  • Organization of executive travel
  • Coordinating appointments
  • Responding to emails on behalf of their executive
  • Event planning
  • Budgeting
  • The office is a great place to boost morale
  • Accounting
  • Fielding customer questions
  • Management of projects

To perform the duties of an administrator or secretary must have certain abilities, including touch typing (at least 60 words per minute), Microsoft Office, and an understanding of computers. They must also be capable of managing their budget in a way that is efficient. Additionally, they should be competent enough to think about their own ideas and resolve issues as they occur.

The job of administrative assistants has changed throughout the years in tandem with the numerous technological and workplace adjustments that businesses have had to endure.

As Australia is still grappling in the aftermath of the latest and most disruptive outbreak that is the pandemic in the world, roles for office administrators or office managers, as well as administrative assistants are being advertised particularly when individuals return to the workplace.

Fundamentally Clerical and administrative professionals are vital for the smooth operation of any company and its offices.

What are the skills admin assistants require?

To bring value to their companies and to excel in their respective roles Executive assistants, secretaries and other administrative personnel require:

  • Excellent organizational skills This is the fundamental skill of the admin field. This means keeping track of diary entries and calendars as well as keeping documents (whether physical or digital) well-organized and constantly thinking ahead to what’s coming up.
  • Communication skills that are clear admin assistants are able to absorb all communications executives aren’t able to keep up with. They frequently have to handle messages and receive phone calls on behalf of executives as well as interact with VIPs, so being able to communicate effectively, along with an excellent spelling and a friendly telephone manner, is crucial.
  • Insight and drive The most efficient administrative assistants don’t simply react and respond to demands as they arise. They seek ways to increase efficiency as well as streamline processes and introduce new programs that benefit their bosses, themselves, and the company in general.
  • Information literacy is crucial for an administrator role. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and any other tools used within the organization (such as project-management tools) is an absolute requirement.
  • Discipline and honesty Administrative professionals have access to secret communications, strategic meetings, and figures on business performance along with other information classified. They should be relying on to guard this information.

The competencies of business support can differ because no business has the exact same business support processes. Also, there are considerations about the mission and culture that should be taken into consideration.

However, these are the sought-after most-needed important administrative skills, no matter if you’re just beginning your career path or are just starting to climb to the top of corporate ranks.

Employers also search for the stability of an admin professional’s CV, because it shows important qualities such as endurance, the capacity to make informed decisions, and the ability to be reliable.

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