A Guide for Outsourcing Tasks for startups

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No matter how you’re well-versed in the process of establishing a startup or are stepping into the startup world for the very first time they are known for their failures. This can be the result of insufficient plans, funds, or a pair of rose-colored glasses that the excitement and excitement that new ideas provide.

What can start-up organizations do to limit their chance of falling in the 90 percent of startups which do not succeed category? Outsourcing tasks especially when they are startups.

The blog in this article will discuss the data concerning startup success as well as how outsourcing can improve your chances, and also the tasks you can begin outsourcing right now.

Statistics on Startups

Each business is unique but the risks involved in starting an entirely new business venture are common to all. Although your business might not fall in the failure category, it’s crucial to know the potential risks and why a well-planned contingency plan and being flexible to change are essential to navigating the right direction.

Here are the most important facts about startups including success rates, into the future for startups

These figures reveal the brutal facts about the beginning of a new business. However, those who break past these limitations are entrepreneurs and business leaders who realize that it is possible to not plan too much and are constantly seeking ways to make their venture more successful and sustainable.

How can outsourcing aid in minimizing the chance of failure?

Outsourcing for startups

According to a FreshBooks Survey, 66 percent of businesses that are starting are likely to outsource their services to other businesses. In a different study, 91 percent of businesses say their growth is due to outsourcing. Why?

Cost savings are a huge benefit, but not the primary benefit. The biggest startup cost is labor. It’s about the U.S. $300,500 for five employees per year. Forget about payroll costs 46% of new businesses fail due to the fact that they have no money and outsourcing has allowed companies to save as much as 70 percent on the cost of employment (depending on the outsourcing company you choose) This is why that 27% of firms are outsourcing. This table outlines the reasons that new companies cited for their failures as startups.

It can take up to a period of six months to recruit an employee who is new to a company. Outsourcing companies can employ an employee who is new within 6-8 days according to the degree of expertise, experience and certifications required.

And that’s not even mentioning the increase in efficiency of time that outsourcing brings. It is estimated that forty percent startups business owners or founders are working on their time. are devoted to activities that do not generate income, such as transactional and time-consuming repetitive tasks. Imagine having a team of employees who are able to concentrate on these tasks while you concentrate on strategies for growth and cultivating relationships that help you grow?

18% of startups find that the lack of experience or lack of knowledge or skills is the main reason for the low growth or failure of startups in general. Outsourcing lets you recruit to see hiring on a global basis. You can now access an international pool of potential candidates.

Startups struggle to expand or even make it through an extremely competitive business environment due to a lack of capital or expertise, as well as other limitations. Outsourcing can help given the resources available. put more emphasis on improving the efficiency of your business by outsourcing activities that are not core to the business.

What are the tasks you can let your start-up company outsource right now?

Your company’s startup could theoretically outsource any job part. Imagine this in this manner If you’re looking for an example, for instance, an payroll processing company within the U.S. It is likely that there will have people with the right qualifications to process payroll in other regions of the world, too. It’s all about what jobs you think, once you have taken the time to review your needs for starting up, and will be better off onshore than offshore.

Common tasks contracted out to startup companies are:

  • The back-office administration in the back office can be a major obstacle to the growth of a business. This is because highly trained employees are frequently given back-office routine admin tasks that detract employees from performing the essential tasks they are expected to complete within their job. This, in turn, can have a huge impact on an employee’s satisfaction and could cause a decline in productivity. It is best to provide your employees in your local area help in their back offices that they require by outsourcing teams.
  • Contact centers located offshore, particularly in the Philippines are well-known for their superior English communication skills and dedication to providing customer services. Due to this, new companies can create highly skilled and competent contact center teams in overseas markets for 70 percent less than they would the cost of hiring people locally.
  • Services for creativity From content writing and marketing to animation and design, you can outsource creative services and form the perfect team to work on your projects more quicker. Establishing creative and design teams abroad is one of the ways startups can tap into the knowledge of skilled creative professionals.
  • Cleaning up data Startups often require skilled data cleansing experts with the ability to interpret data while keeping costs of employment lower. Outsourcing can open up a huge market for finding the needed skills needed to complete the task.
  • Processing data Startups offshore processing of data to benefit efficiency in costs and human resources. With the advancements in data-related applications and cloud computing, Data processing is now done anyplace in the world and could be significant cost savings.
  • digital marketing Startups have the opportunity to benefit from the top-of-the-line talent in the offshore market to increase their exposure online as well as lead generation and overall brand visibility by utilizing the offshore teams of digital marketers.
  • Accounting and finance With a competent team of accountants and finance adept in the use of modern financial reporting and tracking tools, you can expand your company in a sustainable way. The workforce of the Philippines is an example. It is renowned for its technical expertise and attention to detail in operating within the financial and fiscal system that is similar to the one found similar to those in Western countries.
  • Human Resources and Recruitment With almost 70 percent of U.S. employers claiming they are struggling to fill positions outsourcing HR and recruitment to experts in offshore locations will allow your team onshore to concentrate on more valuable operations while significantly cutting costs.
  • Information technology: the global information technology industry is expected to reach $1123.57 billion in 2026. This growth forecast does not take into account the expense of staffing to support the above-mentioned growth. Offshoring could be a solution for companies that wish to cut costs and concentrate on improvements and the development of technology that can help in growth.
  • Operations Offshoring a specialist operations team can boost the capabilities and effectiveness of your company. A common issue for startups and businesses in the future is problems like shorter time frames for products and the outsourcing of work and the need for eco-friendly business practices, and the rapid digitalization of nearly every aspect of our daily lives has transformed the way we conduct business. In many organizations, offshoring in the field of operations management provides them with the ability to build a better operations team that allows them to remain at the forefront of a constantly changing business environment.

Tips for outsourcing that are key

There are some key aspects to be aware of when outsourcing for startups starting with ensuring that the business processes you use are documented and determining the best outsourcing service that is the best match to your startup’s requirements. Take a look at the ‘ Tips to keep in mind when you are outsourcing tips sheet.

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